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The Physics Department of NSU accepts applications for a new postgraduate program in astrophysics and cosmology. It is a multi-disciplinary program that combines astrophysics, cosmology and elementary particle physics and is aimed at solving fundamental issues on origin and evolution of the Universe, studying dark matter and dark energy. The program coordinators hope to draw graduates from all over the world.

“Elementary particle physics has been thriving in Novosibirsk with its world-famous Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics and NSU,” says Prof. Alexander Dolgov, the Head of the Laboratory of Cosmology and Elementary Particle Physics at NSU. “Unfortunately, we don’t have an institute for Astronomy. It would be unforgivable not to use our elementary particle physics basis to develop astrophysical aspects.”

Alexander Bondar, a correspondent member of RAS and the Dean of the Physics Department at NSU, adds that it was their collaborative idea to develop a new postgraduate program in this field. “We clearly see that strategic development of astrophysics in Novosibirsk is impossible without a mass inrush of students and young researchers. We are founding a solid system for preparing professionals, and the postgraduate programs in this filed are to recruit talented Russian and international students.” The lectures will be delivered in English by the professors invited to NSU through the projects of “5-100” Program.

First postgraduates are to be enrolled this September. They will have a great opportunity to attend courses by the leading Russian scientists, such as S. Blinnikov of Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics and Sternberg Astronomical Institute at MSU, Moscow, Prof. A. Dolgov of University of Ferrara, Italy and the Director of the Center on Elamentary Particle Physics and Astrophysics at NSU, a corresponding member of RAS I.Tkachev of the Institute for Nuclear Research RAS and others.

The three-year program provides an opportunity to take part in cutting-edge research. By the end of their third year, students submit and defend a dissertation in English before the MSU academic board. The degree of doctor of science awarded is internationally recognized. In addition to state-subsidized education, students can be enrolled on the commercial basis with the tuition of 120.000 roubles per year for Russian students and $10.000 US for international students.

For more information on enrollment please contact Prof. Alexander Dolgov at dolgov@nsu.ru or dolgov@fe.infn.it

Last edit: 27.07.2015 16:37