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Intercultural Workshops

Принимая участие в межкультурных мастерских, иностранные студенты не только получают знания, но и обмениваются опытом, вырабатывают разные навыки.
Intercultural workshops are interactive. They provide opportunities for participants to acquire cultural knowledge and to practice the newly acquired cultural knowledge while developing skills.
Workshops are customized. Any group of international students may contact us with suggestions and may request an intercultural workshop.

New Cultural Environment:
Adaptation or Culture Shock?
The concept of culture shock works well for explaining
what is happening when living and studying in a new
cultural environment. Socio-cultural differences may cause
confusion, frustration, uncertainty, anxiety.

How to reduce these negative feelings?
How to adapt to a new setting faster and more effectively?
The workshop is supposed to answer these questions.
Living and Studying in Russia Basic features of Russian everyday life, main
characteristics of Russian academic culture (teaching and
learning styles, interaction with professors and students).

We will discuss them and also the ways to anticipate
misunderstandings in their interactions with Russians.
Intercultural Communication
in the Dormitory
Life in a student dormitory may be challenging. Why?
Other rules of living in a dorm. Dormitory administrators
who don’t understand you. Different lifestyles of students
from other countries. How to cope with all of these?

We will discuss how to interact and live with people from
various cultures “under the same roof”
Studying in Multicultural Teams As students share their studies with people of many
different nationalities we will discuss the chances and
challenges of studying in multicultural teams.

We will also discuss where to meet and how to make
friends with Russian students
Other possible topics for workshops: “Study successfully at NSU”
“Various Cultures – Various Communication Styles”
“Intercultural Workshop: China / Iraq / France”, etc.

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