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  • within a 5-minute walk from the University;
  • shared rooms for two people with en-suite bathroom or 2 shared rooms with one shared bathroom;
  • communal kitchens on each floor;
  • the cost is 1 050 rubles per person per month.


  • single room with personal bed, table and wardrobe;
  • bathroom and kitchen shared with a family;
  • internet connection;
  • access to all household appliances;
  • meals as agreed with the boarding family.

Price-list for homestay

Accommodation 500 rubles per day
Meals 3 times per day 300 rubles per day
Meals 2 times per day 250 rubles per day
Family search fee 1 000 rubles

Apartment rent

The cost of apartment rent is from 20 000 rubles per month

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