Erlogol 2007

Frontiers in model theory and universal algebra




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The conference takes place in the camping center of Novosibirsk State Technical University in Altai republic. Altai is well known not only for its picturesque mountain landscapes, but also for museums, music festivals and numerous tourist congresses being held all the year round.

Every summer, famous Russian writers meet at Shukshin's readings - the conference dedicated to the great Russian writer Vasily Shukshin, who was born in Altai. Tourists from all over the world head to lakes, rivers and rocks of Altai to experience challenging adventures. They are united by the wish to feel the real nature, to feel the magic of virgin lands. These places are very few in Russia and, probably, even in the whole world. It is not surprising that Altai is sometimes called "Russian Swissland".

Of course, these photos can not show even a smaller part of natural beauty of Altai. People say, you may read books to learn about Altai, you may drive along its roads and swim along its rivers to know it, but you need to walk along on foot to love it.

Usually, the weather is quite warm during the whole summer, thus it is already a tradition that participants give talks outdoors, right near the bank of the Chemal river at the beautiful landscape of the Erlogol mountain.

We hope that you enjoy the wonderful nature of Altai together with interesting talks at the conference.