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The second day of Siberian Summer School program “Business in Russia: To Understand and Survive” has evolved in an expanding perspective: from an in-class program to a university presentation and communication in an interdisciplinary environment with fellows of different faculties, teachers and participants in a Siberian summer school in mathematics

Prof. Izyumov (University of Louisville, USA) introduced a view on emerging Russian economy in comparison with other countries. Class discussion took one more academic hour. The university meeting was held in NSU’s Scientific Council hall. Having risen on the dome of the university, the school team hovered over the green sea of the Academgorodok and looked closely at the route of a large walking tour, which they set off after lunch. Graffiti of Science, cosy streets of Academgorodok, ducks and Ob see shore… and bars, cafes to gather until the time to rest for the next day does not approach the critical point.

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