Dynamics of trust and alienation
during socio-political crisis


Nikolai S. Rozov


Relations of trust and exclusion in situations of socio-political crisis have complex dynamics which trajectories depend of various inner and outer conditions. Theses trajectories and conditions are investigated analytically in this paper. A set of preconditions to the properties of human nature and social interaction is formulated. It is based on the integration of classical and modern socio-psychological concepts: the starving for of three types comfort (life necessities, social comfort, and spiritual comfort), ability to respond differently to challenges, dependence of these responses from previously acquired habitus and attitudes of participants, formation of these rituals through the mechanisms of positive and negative reinforcement. It is shown that the common nature of human aspirations and the dynamics of social interactions during conflict can lead to the opposite results. Both negative and positive challenges (threats and opportunities) in different conditions lead to responses a sequence of which causes reinforcements for trust or alienation that lead respectively to institutionalization of conflict resolution mechanisms or to escalation of hostility and violence.


Динамика доверия и отчуждения в период социально-политического кризиса // ский философский журнал, 2017. Т.15.№1. С.70-82.