Conceptualization of the Link Structure/Agency


Nikolai S. Rozov


The article presents a number of notional frameworks (concepts-media-tors): habitus (P. Bourdieu), challenges and responses (A. Toynbee); interac-tive rituals with emotions and symbols (the tradition of Durkheim-Hoffman-Collins); the comfort and discomfort with the principles of operant condition-ing (B. Skinner); the structures of interactions (relationships, group, organiza-tion, movement); the functional model (A. Stinchcombe), and its extensions, as well as covering spheres of economic and social exchanges and com-munication (J. Homans, P. Blau), including economic and social markets, dis-courses and networks. The equation of the key concepts of these mediators provides a rich and flexible structure designed for the formulation of theoretical hypotheses and their empirical testing which becomes possible due to the accumulated experience of studies of every concept in the linking chain.

Концептуализация связи Structure/Agency // Философия и общество, 2017, 1. С.29-47.