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ISSN - 01709739, Zeitschrift f�r Physik C-Particles and Fields, 1990, vol. 48, p. 581-585

Measurement of the two-photon widths of the a2, η′, η

Baru S. E., Blinov A. E., Blinov V. E., Bondar A. E., Bukin A. D., Eidelman Yu I., Groshev V. R., Kiselev V. A., Klimenko S. G., Kolachev G. M., Mishnev S. I., Onuchin A. P., Panin V. S., Petrov V. V., Protopopov I. Ya, Shamov A. G., Sidorov V. A., Skovpen Yu I., Skrinsky A. N., Tayursky V. A., Telnov V. I., Temnykh A. B., Tikhonov Yu A., Tumaikin G. M., Undrus A. E., Vorobiov A. I., Zhilich V. N., Zholents A. A.

Results of a measurement of the two-photon widths of the a2, η′, η with the detector MD-1 at the e+e- collider VEPP-4 are presented. The specific feature of this experiment is tagging of at least one scattered electron. The following results have been obtained {Mathematical expression} © 1990 Springer-Verlag.