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ISSN - 03702693, Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 1994, vol. 331, p. 236-244

Production and decay of D1 (2420)0 and D2 * (2460)0

Avery P., Freyberger A., Rodriguez J., Stephens R., Yang S., Yelton J., Cinabro D., Henderson S., Liu T., Saulnier M., Wilson R., Yamamoto H., Bergfeld T., Eisenstein B. I., Gollin G., Ong B., Palmer M., Selen M., Thaler J. J., Edwards K. W., Ogg M., Spaan B., Bellerive A., Britton D. I., Hyatt E. R F, MacFarlane D. B., Patel P. M., Sadoff A. J., Ammar R., Ball S., Baringer P., Bean A., Besson D., Coppage D., Copty N., Davis R., Hancock N., Kelly M., Kotov S., Kravchenko I., Kwak N., Lam H., Kubota Y., Lattery M., Momayezi M., Nelson J. K., Patton S., Perticone D., Poling R., Savinov V., Schrenk S., Wang R., Alam M. S., Kim I. J., Nemati B., O'Neill J. J., Severini H., Sun C. R., Zoeller M. M., Crawford G., Daubenmier C. M., Fulton R., Fujino D., Gan K. K., Honscheid K., Kagan H., Kass R., Lee J., Malchow R., Skovpen Y., Sung M., White C., Butler F., Fu X., Kalbfleisch G., Ross W. R., Skubic P., Wood M., Fast J., McIlwain R. L., Miao T., Miller D. H., Modesitt M., Payne D., Shibata E. I., Shipsey I. P J, Wang P. N., Battle M., Ernst J., Gibbons L., Kwon Y., Roberts S.

We have investigated D+ π- and D*+ π- final states and observed the two established L = 1 charmed mesons, the D1 (2420)0 with mass 2421-2-2 +1+2 MeV/c2 and width 20-5-3 +6+3 MeV/c2 and the D2 * (2460)0 with mass 2465 ± 3 ± 3 MeV/c2 and width 28-7-6 +8+6 MeV/c2. Properties of these final states, including their decay angular distributions and spin-parity assignments, have been studied. We identify these two mesons as the jlight = 3 2 doublet predicted by HQET. We also obtain constraints on Γs/ (Γs + ΓD) as a function of the cosine of the relative phase of the two amplitudes in the D1 (2420)0 decay. © 1994.