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ISSN - 03759474, Nuclear Physics A, 1992, vol. 536, p. 87-108

Delbrück scattering of 30-100 MeV photons by Pb through angles of 15°-30°

Baumann A., Rullhusen P., Rose K. W., Ludwid M., Schumacher M., Milstein A. I., Henneberg J. M., Wieloch-Laufenberg N., Ziegler B.

Elastic (Compton) scattering of 30-100 MeV protons by Pb through angles of 15°-30° is measured using the MPI tagged-photon facility at MAMI A. The data are discussed in terms of three different approaches to Delbrück scattering, viz. the lowest-order Born approximation, the small-angle high-energy approximation, and the large-angle high-energy approximation. The latter method which is investigated in detail for the first time, leads to a good agreement with experiment at Θ = 20° but to some disagreement at Θ = 15°. © 1992.