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ISSN - 03702693, Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 1994, vol. 337, p. 405-410

Measurement of the ratios of form factors in the decay Ds + → φe+ve

Avery P., Freyberger A., Rodriguez J., Yang S., Yelton J., Cinabro D., Liu T., Saulnier M., Wilson R., Yamamoto H., Bergfeld T., Eisenstein B. I., Gollin G., Ong B., Palmer M., Selen M., Thaler J. J., Edwards K. W., Ogg M., Bellerive A., Britton D. I., Hyatt E. R F, MacFarlane D. B., Patel P. M., Spaan B., Sadoff A. J., Ammar R., Baringer P., Bean A., Besson D., Coppage D., Copty N., Davis R., Hancock N., Kelly M., Kotov S., Kravchenko I., Kwak N., Lam H., Kubota Y., Lattery M., Momayezi M., Nelson J. K., Patton S., Poling R., Savinov V., Schrenk S., Wang R., Alam M. S., Kim I. J., Ling Z., Mahmood A. H., O'Neill J. J., Severini H., Sun C. R., Wappler F., Crawford G., Daubenmier C. M., Fulton R., Fujino D., Gan K. K., Honscheid K., Hagan H., Kass R., Lee J., Malchow R., Skovpen Y., Sung M., White C., Zoeller M. M., Butler F., Fu X., Nemati B., Ross W. R., Skubic P., Wood M., Bishai M., Fast J., Gerndt E., McIlwain R. L., Miao T., Miller D. H., Modesitt M., Payne D., Shibata E. I., Shipsey I. P J, Wang P. N., Battle M., Ernst J., Gibbons L., Kwon Y., Roberts S.

The dynamics of the decay Ds + → φe+ve are studied using a sample of 474 events recorded by the CLEO II detector. A three dimensional fit to the decay angles and q2 is performed to extract the ratios of form factors R2=A2(0)/A1(0) and Rv=V(0 )/ A1(0), where A1(0) and A2(0) are the two axial vector form factors and V(0) is the vector form factor evaluated at q2 =0. By assuming the single pole parameterization for the form factors, we obtain: R2=1.4±0.5±0.3 and Rv=0.9±0.6±0.3. © 1994.