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Status of the Novosibirsk phi-factory project

Barkov L. M., Belomestnykh S. A., Danilov V. V., Dikansky N. S., Filippov A. N., Grishanov B. I., Ivanov P. M., Koop I. A., Malyshev O. B., Militsyn B. L., Nagaitsev S. S., Nesterenko I. N., Perevedentsev E. A., Pestrikov D. V., Schegolev L. M., Sedlyarov I. K., Shatunov Y. M., Simonov E. A., Skrinsky A. N., Vasserman I. B., Vescherevich V. G., Vobly P. D., Zinin E. I.

An electron-positron colliding beam facility is described. The facility comprises a 4 × 7 GeV B-factory with a luminosity of 5 × 1033cm-2s-1; a φ-factory with a luminosity of over 1033cm-2s-1; an injector consisting of a linear accelerator and a cooling storage ring for providing the factories with intense electron and positron beams. After investigating the relevant problems of accelerator physics and running the first cycle of experiments with the CMD-3 detector, the second stage of the project will come into being. It will be devoted to increasing the luminosity. To attain this, the magnetic structure and the storage ring design provide for a three-bunched beam regime applying the electrostatic beam separation at the side interaction points (IP).