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ISSN - 00189499, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 1992, vol. 40, 4, p. 593-597

The fluid systems for the SLD cherenkov ring imaging detector

Abe K., Antilogus P., Aston D., Baird K., Bean A., Ben-David R., Bienz T., Bird F., Caldwell D. O., Cavalli-Sforza M., Coller J., Coyle P., Coyne D., Dasu S., Dolinsky S., d'Oliveira A., Duboscq J., Dunwoodie W., Gagnon P., Hallewell G., Hasegawa K., Hasegawa Y., Huber J., Iwasaki Y., Jacques P., Johnson R. A., Kalelkar M., Kawahara H., Kwon Y., Leith D. W G S, Liu X., Lu A., Manly S., Martinez J., Mathys L., McCulloch M., McHugh S., McShurley D., Müller G., Muller D., Nagamine T., Nussbaum M., Pavel T. J., Peterson H., Plano R., Ratcliff B., Reif R., Rensing P., Santha A. K S, Schneider M., Schultz D., Shank J. T., Shapiro S., Shaw H., Simopoulos C., Snyder J., Sokoloff M. D., Solodov E., Stamer P., Stockdale I., Suekane F., Toge N., Turk J., Va'vra J., Watt R., Weber T., Whitaker J. S., Williams D. A., Williams S. H., Wilson R. J., Word G., Yellin S., Yuta H.

We describe the design and operation of the fluid delivery, monitor and control systems for the SLD barrel Cherenkov Ring Imaging Detector (CRID). The systems deliver drift gas (C<inf>2</inf>H<inf>6</inf>+TMAE), radiator gas (C<inf>5</inf>F<inf>12</inf>+N<inf>2</inf>) and radiator liquid (C<inf>6</inf>F<inf>14</inf>). Measured critical quantities such as electron lifetime in the drift gas and ultra-violet (UV) transparencies of the radiator fluids, together with the operational experience, are also reported. © 1993 IEEE