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Experimental study of collective effects in BEP storage ring with high stored current

Danilov V., Koop I., Lysenko A., Militsyn B., Nesterenko I., Perevedentsev E., Pozdeev E., Ptitsin V., Shatunov Yu, Vasserman I.

The results of extensive investigation of beam dynamics with high current in BEP booster are presented. Strong bunch lengthening due to the potential well distortion by the inductive impedance was observed on the background of the multiple intrabeam scattering and of the ion accumulation (in the e- beam). The octupole and sextupole corrections enabled control of collective damping of the head-tail modes. Fast damping is also observed at zero chromaticity, this is attributed to the injection kickers acting as transmission lines. The proper tuning of the nonlinearity corrections cures the transverse instabilities and enables capability to store up to 0.8A current in a single bunch.