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ISSN - 01689002, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 1994, vol. 343, 1, p. 74-86

Performance of the CRID at SLD

Abe K., Antilogus P., Aston D., Baird K., Bean A., Ben-David R., Bienz T., Bird F., Caldwell D. O., Cavalli-Sforza M., Coller J., Coyle P., Coyne D., Dasu S., Dolinsky S., d'Oliveira A., Duboscq J., Dunwoodie W., Hallewell G., Hasegawa K., Hasegawa Y., Huber J., Iwasaki Y., Jacques P., Johnson R. A., Kalelkar M., Kawahara H., Kwon Y., Leith D. W G S, Liu X., Lu A., Manley S., Martinez J., Mathys L., McHugh S., Meadows B., Müller G., Muller D., Nagamine T., Nussbaum M., Pavel T. J., Plano R., Ratcliff B., Rensing P., Santha A. K S, Schultz D., Shank J. T., Shapiro S., Simopoulos C., Snyder J., Sokoloff M. D., Solodov E., Stamer P., Stockdale I., Suekane F., Toge N., Turk J., Va'vra J., Whitaker J. S., Williams D. A., Williams S. H., Wilson R. J., Word G., Yellin S., Yuta H.

This paper describes the performance of a large 4π Cherenkov Ring Imaging Detector (CRID) in the SLD experiment at the SLC at SLAC. We compare the most recent SLD results with those obtained during the R&D period, discuss various design features, and highlight some specific lessons derived from three years of operation. © 1994.