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ISSN - 00189499, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 1993, vol. 41, 4, p. 862-865

Results From the SLD Barrel CRID Detector

Abe K., Hasegawa K., Hasegawa Y., Iwasaki Y., Suekane F., Yuta H., Antilogus P., Aston D., Bienz T., Bird F., Dasu S., Dolinsky S., Dunwoodie W., Hallewell G., Kawahara H., Kwon Y., Leith D. W G S, Müller G., Muller D., Nagamine T., Pavel T. J., Ratcliff B., Rensing P., Schultz D., Shapiro S., Simopoulos C., Solodov E., Toge N., Va’vra J., Williams S. H., Baird K., Jacques P., Kalelkar M., Plano R., Stamer P., Word G., Bean A., Caldwell D. O., Duboscq J., Lu A., Mathys L., McHughd S., Yellind S., Ben-David R., Manly S., Snyder J., Turk J., Willocq S., Cavalli-Sforza M., Coyle P., Coyne D., Liu X., Williams D. A., Coller J., Shank J. T., Whitaker J. S., D'Oliveira A., Johnson R. A., Martinez J., Meadows B., Nussbaum M., Santha A. K S, Stockdale I., Huber J., Sokoloff M. D., Wilson R. J.

We report on operational experience with and experimental performance of the SLD barrel Cherenkov Ring Imaging Detector from the 1992 and 1993 physics runs. The liquid (C6F14) and gas (C5F12) radiator recirculation systems have performed well, and the drift gas supply system has operated successfully with TMAE for three years. Cherenkov rings have been observed from both the liquid and gas radiators. The number and angular resolution of Cherenkov photons have been measured, and found to be close to design specifications. © 1994 IEEE