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ISSN - 01689002, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 1996, vol. 371, 1-2, p. 195-199

Obtaining physics results from the SLD GRID

Abe K., Antilogus P., Aston D., Baird K., Baltay C., Bean A., Ben-David R., Bienz T., Bird F., Całdwell D. O., Cavalli-Sforza M., Coller J., Coyle P., Coyne D., Dasu S., Dima M., D'Oliveira A., Duboscq J., Dunwoodie W., Hallewell G., Hasegawa K., Hasegawa Y., Huber J., Iwasaki Y., Jacques P., Johnson R. A., Kalelkar M., Kawahara H., Kwon Y., Leith D. W G S, Liu X., Lu A., Manly S., Martinez J., Mathys L., McHugh S., Meadows B., Müller G., Muller D., Nagamine T., Narita S., Nussbaum M., Pavel T. J., Plano R., Ratcliff B., Rensing P., Santha A. K S, Schultz D., Sen S., Shank J. T., Shapiro S., Simopoulos C., Snyder J., Solodov E., Stamer P., Stockdale I., Suekane F., Toge N., Turk J., Va'vra J., Whitaker J. S., Williams D. A., Williams S. H., Willocq S., Wilson R. J., Word G., Yellin S., Yuta H.

We describe the likelihood ratio method used for particle identification in the SLD CRID, which allows the use of the entire momentum range covered by the liquid and gas radiators, including the threshold regions. Its application to two preliminary physics analyses is also described.