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ISSN - 03759474, Nuclear Physics A, 1996, vol. 609, p. 391-410

Mesonic contribution to the Compton scattering amplitude for heavy nuclei

Hütt M. Th, Milstein A. I.

The contribution of mesonic exchange currents to nuclear Compton scattering is investigated within the framework of a Fermi gas model of nuclear matter in the non-relativistic limit. The additional interaction between the nucleons is accounted for by including two- and three-body diagrams. As a test of this model, the enhancement constant κ is calculated. The full correlators for the central and tensor parts of the nucleon-nucleon interaction due to pion exchange are obtained and the energy dependence of the amplitude is investigated. The contribution of the Δ-excitation to the mesonic part of the Compton amplitude is calculated explicitly using an effective Hamiltonian in the static limit.