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ISSN - 03759474, Nuclear Physics A, 2000, vol. 663-664, p. 452c-456c

Differential cross sections of the pp → ppπ0 reaction from 310 to 425 MeV

Złomańczuk J., Bilger R., Brodowski W., Calén H., Clement H., Dyring J., Ekström C., Fäldt G., Fransson K., Gustafsson L., Häggström S., Höistad B., Johanson J., Johansson A., Johansson T., Kilian K., Kullander S., Kupsc A., Marciniewski P., Morosov B., Mörtsell A., Oelert W., Ruber R. J M Y, Schuberth U., Sundberg P., Shwartz B., Stepaniak J., Sukhanov A., Turowiecki A., Wagner G. J., Wilhelmi Z., Wilkin C., Zabierowski J., Zernov A.

Measurements of the differential cross sections of the pp → ppπ0 reaction at 310, 320, 340, 360, 400 and 425 MeV have been carried out at the CELSIUS storage ring in Uppsala. An attempt has been made to describe the distributions obtained in terms of the five partial waves Ss, Ps, Pp, Sd and Ds. The relative contributions from the different states depend significantly upon the energy. For instance, that of the Ss state drops from about 80% at 310 MeV to around 10% at 425 MeV.