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ISSN - 03051048, EISSN - 13624962, Nucleic Acids Research, 2000, vol. 29, p. 284-287

ACTIVITY: A database on DNA/RNA sites activity adapted to apply sequence-activity relationships from one system to another

Ponomarenko Julia V., Furman Dagmara P., Frolov Anatoly S., Podkolodny Nikolay L., Orlova Galina V., Ponomarenko Mikhail P., Kolchanov Nikolay A., Sarai Akinori

ACTIVITY is a database on DNA/RNA site sequences with known activity magnitudes, measurement systems, sequence-activity relationships under fixed experimental conditions and procedures to adapt these relationships from one measurement system to another. This database deposits information on DNA/RNA affinities to proteins and cell nuclear extracts, cutting efficiencies, gene transcription activity, mRNA translation efficiencies, mutability and other biological activities of natural sites occurring within promoters, mRNA leaders, and other regulatory regions in pro- and eukaryotic genomes, their mutant forms and synthetic analogues. Since activity magnitudes are heavily system-dependent, the current version of ACTIVITY is supplemented by three novel sub-databases: (i) SYSTEM, measurement systems; (ii) KNOWLEDGE, sequence-activity relationships under fixed experimental conditions; and (iii) CROSSST, procedures adapting a relationship from one measurement system to another. These databases are useful in molecular biology, pharmacogenetics, metabolic engineering, drug design and biotechnology. The databases can be queried using SRS and are available through the Web, http://wwwmgs.bionet.nsc.ru/systems/Activity/.