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Electron cooling for RHIC

Ben-Zvi Ilan, Ahrens Leif, Brennan Michael, Harrison Michael, Kewisch Joerg, MacKay William, Peggs Stephen, Roser Thomas, Satogata Todd, Trbojevic Dejan, Yakimenko Vitaly, Koop Ivan, Parkhomchuk Vasily, Reva Vladimir, Shatunov Yuri, Skrinsky Alexander

We introduce plans for electron-cooling of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). This project has a number of new features as electron coolers go: It will cool 100 GeV/nucleon ions with 50 MeV electrons; it will be the first attempt to cool a collider at storage-energy; and it will be the first cooler to use a bunched beam and a linear accelerator as the electron source. The linac will be superconducting with energy recovery. The electron source will be based on a photocathode gun. The project is carried out by the Collider-Accelerator Department at BNL in collaboration with the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics.