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ISSN - 03702693, Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 1987, vol. 192, p. 463-470

The production of prompt positrons at low transverse momentum increases with the square of the associated charged multiplicity. Axial field spectrometer collaboration

Åkesson T., Albrow M. G., Almehed S., Anassontzis E., Batley R., Benary O., Boggild H., Botner O., Breuker H., Burkert V., Carosi R., Chernyatin V., Choi Y., Cleland W. E., Dagan S., Dahl-Jensen E., Dahl-Jensen I., Damgaard G., Dolgoshein B., Eidelman S., Fabjan C. W., Gavrilenko I., Goerlach U., Hansen K. H., Hedberg V., Jarlskog G., Kalinovsky A., Kanteserov V., Katsanevas S., Kourkoumelis C., Kroeger R., Kulka K., Lissauer D., Lörstad B., Mannelli I., Markou A., Mayburov S., McCubbin N. A., Mjörnmark U., Møller R., Nevsky P., Nielsen B. S., Olsen L. H., Oren Y., Resvanis L. K., Schukraft J., Shmeleva A., Specht H., Stumer I., Sullivan M., Thodberg H. H., Thompson J. A., Williamson J., Willis W. J., Winik M.

We have measured the production of prompt positrons in pp collisions at √s = 63 GeV and y = 0 in the pT interval 0.12<pT<1.0 GeV/c. The results indicate that the production of positrons at low pT (<0.4 GeV/c) is proportional to the square of the mean multiplicity in the central region |y| < 1. Such a quadratic dependence is not expected from final-state sources such as hadronic bremsstrahlung or hadronic decays, but is natural in models where low mass electron pairs are produced by interactions of constituents created during the collision. © 1987.