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Report on the charged decay products identification possibilities in WASA

Jacewicz M., Bargholtz C., Bogoslawsky D., Bondar A., Calén H., Cappellaro F., Clement H., Comfort J., Demirörs L., Dorochkevitch E., Ekström C., Fransson K., Fridén C. J., Chernyshev B., Gerén L., Gornov M., Grebenev V., Greiff J., Gurov Y., Gustafsson L., Höistad B., Ivanov G., Jiganov E., Johansson A., Johansson T., Keleta S., Kilian K., Kimura N., Koch I., Kullander S., Kupść A., Kurdadze L., Kuzmin A., Kuznetsov A., Lindberg K., Marciniewski P., Martemyanov B., Meier R., Morosov B., Nawrot A., Nefkens B. M K, Oelert W., Oreshkin S., Pauly C., Pawlowski Z., Petukhov Y., Povtorejko A., Pätzold J., Reistad D., Ruber R. J M Y, Sandukovsky V., Scobel W., Sefzick T., Shafigullin R., Sepkin M., Sidorov V., Shwartz B., Skorodko T., Sopov V., Starostin A., Stepaniak J., Sukhanov A., Tchernychev V., Tegnér P. E., Thörngren Engblom P., Tikhomirov V., Turowiecki A., Wagner G., Wiedner U., Wilhelmsen K., Wilhelmi Z., Yamamoto A., Yamaoka H., Zabierowski J., Zlomańczuk J.

The WASA detector located at the CELSIUS storage ring of the The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala has recently finished its commissioning phase and is in full operation. An unique internal pellet-target system together with a detector covering a solid angle close to 4π sieradians gives opportunities to study the rare decays of the π0 and the η meson in high-luminosity experiments. Another unique feature of the WASA setup is the thin-walled superconducting solenoid which provides the magnetic field for a mini drift chamber allowing highly efficient measurements of charged particles and minimal interference for particles entering the external electromagnetic calorimeter. The WASA setup is presented in this report with an emphasis on the ability to detect charged decay products. The results from the first experiments and performance of the detector are discussed together with the initial physics programme for charged decays of η mesons.