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ISSN - 01675087, Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research, 1982, vol. 204, p. 379-383

A cryogenic magnetic detector for storage ring experiments

Barkov L. M., Blinov G. A., Okhapkin V. S., Ryskulov N. M., Shehtman A. I., Smakhtin V. P., Solodov E. P., Hazin B. I., Horev V. M., Zaitsev V. N.

A cryogenic magnetic detector (CMD) for colliding beams experiments with VEPP-2M storage ring has been made. A distinctive feature of this detector is its operation at low temperature to get a higher density of the gas mixture in the optical spark chamber, which allows a spatial resolution of about 50 μm. A momentum resolution σp/p=0.05p(GeV/c) has been reached at the 32 kG magnetic field generated by the superconducting solenoid. Only charged particles are detected. © 1983.