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ISSN - 00405752, EISSN - 14322242, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 1995, vol. 91, p. 1095-1100

Transposable elements and the penetrance of quantitative characters in Drosophila melanogaster

Furman D. P., Rodin S. N., Kozhemiakina T. A.

We wanted to determine whether there is a correlation between the quantitative character, the penetrance of the loss of humeral bristles in scute lines, and the distribution of transposable genetic elements in their genomes. We derived 18 isogenic lines with penetrance ranging between 2.8% and 92.0% from six mutant lines. The localization of the transposable elements (TEs) P, mdg1, Dm412, copia, gypsy and B104 was determined in all isogenic derivatives by in situ hybridization. The total number of the TE sites over all lines was 180. A comparison of the distribution of the TEs in the isogenic lines revealed the location of sites typical of lines with similar penetrance, no matter which parental line was involved. The results obtained suggest that such typical sites appear to tag the genome regions where the polygenes affecting the character in question are most likely to be found. © 1995 Springer-Verlag.