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ISSN - 01709739, Zeitschrift f�r Physik C-Particles and Fields, 1984, vol. 25, p. 13-20

Properties of jets in high-ET events produced in pp collisions at {Mathematical expression}=63 GeV

Åkesson T., Albrow M. G., Almehed S., Batley R., Benary O., Bøggild H., Botner O., Breuker H., Brody H., Burkert V., Callen B., Carosi R., Carter A. A., Carter J. R., Cecil P., Choi Y., Cleland W. E., Cockerill D., Dagan S., Dahl-Jensen E., Dahl-Jensen I., Dam P., Damgaard G., Eidelman S., Evans W. M., Fabjan C. W., Frandsen P., Frankel S., Frati W., Gibson M., Goerlach U., Gordon H., Hansen K. H., Hedberg V., Hiddleston J., Hilke H. J., Hooper J., Jarlskog G., Jeffreys P., Jensen T., Kalinovsky A., Kesseler G., Killian T., Kroeger R., Kulka K., Lans J. v d, Lindsay J., Lissauer D., Lörstad B., Ludlam T., Markou A., McCubbin N. A., Mjörnmark U., Møller R., Molzon W., Nielsen B. S., Nilsson A., Olsen L. H., Oren Y., Rosselet L., Rosso E., Rudge A., Schindler R., Specht H., Stumer I., Sullivan M., Thompson J., Thorstenson G., Vella E., Williamson J., Willis W. J., Winik M., Witzeling W., Woody C., Zajc W. A.

The properties of high-ET events produced in pp collisions at {Mathematical expression}=63 GeV have been studied at the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings. The fragmentation of the jets is found to be very similar to that of jets produced in e+e- annihilation and at the SPS {Mathematical expression} collider. We measure an excess of soft particles compared with e+e- events and this underlying event is found to be sensitive to the trigger. The pT balance between the jets is measured. The distribution of charges in the jets indicates that a substantial fraction of the jets originate from valence quarks. © 1984 Springer-Verlag.