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ISSN - 03702693, Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 1993, vol. 303, p. 10-15

Deuteron breakup by 1.15 GeV protons and excitation of the Δ isobar

Calén H., Carius S., Fransson K., Gustafsson L., Höistad B., Johansson T., Kullander S., Mörtsell A., Schuberth U., Ekström C., Johansson A., Kupść A., Nawrot A., Stepaniak J., Zieliński I. P., Kuzmin A., Shwartz B., Pawlowski Z., Wilhelmi Z., Złomańczuk J., Zabierowski J.

The pd→npp reaction has been measured using circulating 1.15 GeV protons, a gas jet target and scintillation detectors selecting scattered protons with energy above 30 MeV. The distribution of the two-proton invariant mass has a maximum at 2.13±0.01 GeV/c2 and a width of 130±10 MeV/c2 (FWHM). We see no evidence of narrow (gG < 30 MeV/c2) peaks in the phase-space region selected. The mass of X, excited in the pN→nX elementary process, is 40 MeV/c2 smaller than the mass of a real Δ isobar. © 1993.