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ISSN - 03702693, Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 2005, vol. 614, p. 27-36

Spectra of prompt electrons from decays of B + and B 0 mesons and ratio of inclusive semielectronic branching fractions

Okabe T., Abe K., Abe K., Adachi I., Aihara H., Akatsu M., Asano Y., Aushev T., Bakich A. M., Ban Y., Banerjee S., Bay A., Bedny I., Bitenc U., Bizjak I., Blyth S., Bondar A., Bozek A., Bračko M., Brodzicka J., Browder T. E., Chao Y., Chen A., Chen K. F., Chen W. T., Cheon B. G., Chistov R., Choi S. K., Choi Y., Choi Y. K., Chuvikov A., Cole S., Dalseno J., Danilov M., Dash M., Drutskoy A., Eidelman S., Eiges V., Enari Y., Fratina S., Gabyshev N., Garmash A., Gershon T., Go A., Gokhroo G., Golob B., Haba J., Hara T., Hayasaka K., Hayashii H., Hazumi M., Higuchi T., Hinz L., Hokuue T., Hoshi Y., Hou S., Hou W. S., Iijima T., Imoto A., Inami K., Ishikawa A., Itoh R., Iwasaki Y., Kang J. H., Kang J. S., Kapusta P., Katayama N., Kawai H., Kawasaki T., Kichimi H., Kim H. J., Kim J. H., Kim S. M., Kinoshita K., Koppenburg P., Korpar S., Krokovny P., Kuo C. C., Kwon Y. J., Lange J. S., Lee S. E., Lee S. H., Lesiak T., Li J., Limosani A., Lin S. W., Liventsev D., MacNaughton J., Majumder G., Mandl F., Matsumoto T., Matyja A., Mitaroff W., Miyake H., Miyata H., Mizuk R.

We present spectra of prompt electrons from decays of neutral and charged B mesons. The results are based on 140 fb -1 of data collected by the Belle detector on the Υ(4S) resonance at the KEKB e +e - asymmetric collider. We tag Υ(4S)→BB̄ events by reconstructing a B meson in one of several hadronic decay modes; the semileptonic decay of the other B meson is inferred from the presence of an identified electron. We obtain for charged and neutral B mesons the partial rates of semileptonic decay, to electrons with momentum greater than 0.6 GeV/c in the B rest frame, and their ratio b +/b 0=1.08±0. 05±0.02, where the first and second errors are statistical and systematic, respectively. © 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.