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ISSN - 01689002, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 1990, vol. 293, 1-2, p. 136-144

Monitor and control systems for the SLD Cherenkov ring-imaging detector

Antilogus P., Aston D., Bienz T., Bird F., Dasu S., Dunwoodie W., Fernandez F., Hallewell G., Kawahara H., Korff P., Kwon Y., Leith D., Muller D., Nagamine T., Pavel T., Rabinowitz L., Ratcliff B., Rensing P., Schultz D., Shapiro S., Simopoulos C., Solodov E., Toge N., Va'vra J., Williams S., Whitaker J., Wilson R. J., Bean A., Caldwell D., Duboscq J., Huber J., Lu A., McHugh S., Mathys L., Morrison R., Witherell M., Yellin S., Cavalli-Sforza M., Coyle P., Coyne D., Gagnon P., Williams D. A., Zucchelli P., Attanagoda S., Johnson R., Martinez J., Meadows B., Nussbaum M., Shoup A., Sokoloff M., Stockdale I., Plano R., Jacques P., Stamer P., Abe K., Hasegawa K., Suekane F., Yuta H.

To help ensure the stable long-term operation of a Cherenkov ring-imaging detector at high efficiency, a comprehensive monitor and control system is being developed. This system will continuously monitor and maintain the correct operating temperatures, and will provide an on-line monitor of the pressures, flows, mixing and purity of the various fluids. In addition, the velocities and trajectories of Cherenkov photoelectrons drifting within the imaging chambers will be measured using a pulsed UV lamp and a fiber-optic light injection system. © 1990.