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ISSN - 15507998, Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 2005, vol. 71, p. -

Measurement of time-dependent CP-violating asymmetries and constraints on sin (2β+γ) with partial reconstruction of B→D* π± decays

Aubert B., Barate R., Boutigny D., Couderc F., Karyotakis Y., Lees J. P., Poireau V., Tisserand V., Zghiche A., Grauges E., Palano A., Pappagallo M., Pompili A., Chen J. C., Qi N. D., Rong G., Wang P., Zhu Y. S., Eigen G., Ofte I., Stugu B., Abrams G. S., Battaglia M., Borgland A. W., Breon A. B., Brown D. N., Button-Shafer J., Cahn R. N., Charles E., Day C. T., Gill M. S., Gritsan A. V., Groysman Y., Jacobsen R. G., Kadel R. W., Kadyk J., Kerth L. T., Kolomensky Yu G., Kukartsev G., Lynch G., Mir L. M., Oddone P. J., Orimoto T. J., Pripstein M., Roe N. A., Ronan M. T., Wenzel W. A., Barrett M., Ford K. E., Harrison T. J., Hart A. J., Hawkes C. M., Morgan S. E., Watson A. T., Fritsch M., Goetzen K., Held T., Koch H., Lewandowski B., Pelizaeus M., Peters K., Schroeder T., Steinke M., Boyd J. T., Burke J. P., Chevalier N., Cottingham W. N., Kelly M. P., Cuhadar-Donszelmann T., Hearty C., Knecht N. S., Mattison T. S., McKenna J. A., Khan A., Kyberd P., Teodorescu L., Blinov A. E., Blinov V. E., Bukin A. D., Druzhinin V. P., Golubev V. B., Ivanchenko V. N., Kravchenko E. A., Onuchin A. P., Serednyakov S. I., Skovpen Yu I., Solodov E. P., Yushkov A. N., Best D., Bondioli M., Bruinsma M., Chao M., Eschrich I., Kirkby D., Lankford A. J., Mandelkern M., Mommsen R. K., Roethel W., Stoker D. P., Buchanan C.

We present a measurement of the time-dependent CP-violating asymmetries in decays of neutral B mesons to the final states D* π±, using approximately 232×106 BB̄ events recorded by the BABAR experiment at the PEP-II e+e- storage ring. Events containing these decays are selected with a partial reconstruction technique, in which only the high-momentum π± from the B decay and the low-momentum π from the D* decay are used. We measure the parameters related to 2β+γ to be aD*π=-0. 034±0.014±0.009 and cD*π =-0.019±0.022±0. 013. With some theoretical assumptions, we interpret our results in terms of the lower limits |sin (2β+γ)|>0.62(0.35) at 68% (90%) confidence level. © 2005 The American Physical Society.