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ISSN - 05874254, Acta Physica Polonica, Series B., 1998, vol. 29, p. 3141-3148

Near-threshold pion production inpN collisions at CELSIUS

Złomanczuk J., Bilger R., Brodowski W., Calén H., Clement H., Dyring J., Ekström C., Fäldt G., Fransson K., Gustafsson L., Häggström S., Höistad B., Jacewicz M., Johansson A., Johansson J., Johansson T., Khoukaz A., Kilian K., Koch I., Kullander S., Kupsc A., Marciniewski P., Morosov B., Mörtsell A., Oelert W., Ruber R. J M Y, Schuberth U., Shwartz B., Stepaniak J., Sukhanov A., Sundberg P., Turowiecki A., Wagner G. J., Wilhelmi Z., Wilkin C., Zabierowski J., Zernov A.

The pp → ppπ0 and pn → ppπ- reactions have been measured at 310, 320 and 340 MeV using the CELSIUS proton beam and 1E and 2H internal cluster-jet targets. The π0 production at 310 MeV has been fully analyzed and a significant deviation from isotropy found in the pion angular distributions. This increases at small excitation energies of the final proton pair, suggesting that d-wave pion production is important even close to threshold. Evidence is also found for some P-wave excitation in the final p-p system.