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ISSN - 0969806X, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2006, vol. 75, p. 868-873

Electron-positron pair production and bremsstrahlung at intermediate energies in the field of heavy atoms

Lee R. N., Milstein A. I., Strakhovenko V. M., Schwartz O. Ya

The Coulomb corrections (CC) to the processes of bremsstrahlung and pair production are investigated. The next-to-leading term in the high-energy asymptotics is found. This term becomes very essential in the region of intermediate energies. The influence of screening for CC is small for differential cross section, spectrum, and the total cross section of pair production. The same is true for the spectrum of bremsstrahlung, but not for the differential cross section, where the influence of screening can be very large. The corresponding screening corrections as well as the modification of the differential cross section of bremsstrahlung are found. A comparison of our results for the total cross section of pair production with the experimental data available is performed. This comparison has justified our analytical results and allowed to elaborate a simple ansatz for the next-to-leading correction. The influence of the electron beam shape on CC for bremsstrahlung is investigated. It turns out that the differential cross section is very sensitive to this shape. © 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.