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ISSN - 00396028, Surface Science, 2006, vol. 600, p. 3160-3166

Chemically prepared well-ordered InP(0 0 1) surfaces

Tereshchenko O. E., Paget D., Chiaradia P., Placidi E., Bonnet J. E., Wiame F., Taleb-Ibrahimi A.

In the present work HCl-isopropanol treated and vacuum annealed InP(0 0 1) surfaces were studied by means of low-energy electron diffraction (LEED), soft X-ray photoemission (SXPS), and reflectance anisotropy (RAS) spectroscopies. The treatment removes the natural oxide and leaves on the surface a physisorbed overlayer containing InClx and phosphorus. Annealing at 230 °C induces desorption of InClx overlayer and reveals a P-rich (2 × 1) surface. Subsequent annealing at higher temperature induces In-rich (2 × 4) surface. The structural properties of chemically prepared InP(0 0 1) surfaces were found to be similar to those obtained by decapping of As/P-capped epitaxial layers. © 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.