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ISSN - 01709739, Zeitschrift f�r Physik C-Particles and Fields, 1992, vol. 56, p. 547-552

Determination of the Υ{hooked}(1 S) leptonic width

Baru S. E., Blinov A. E., Blinov V. E., Bondar A. E., Bukin A. D., Groshev V. R., Klimenko S. G., Kolachev G. M., Onuchin A. P., Panin V. S., Protopopov I. Ya, Shamov A. G., Sidorov V. A., Skovpen Yu I., Skrinsky A. N., Tayursky V. A., Telnov V. I., Tikhonov Yu A., Tumaikin G. M., Undrus A. E., Vorobiov A. I., Zhilich V. N.

Analyzing the data recorded with the MD-1 detector operated at the VEPP-4 storage ring we have determined the Υ{hooked}(1 S) resonance leptonic partial width and mass. We find {Mathematical expression}M=9460.59±0.09±0.05 MeV/c2. This new value of the Υ{hooked}(1 S) mass should supersede the previously published value [11] based on almost the same statistics. © 1992 Springer-Verlag.