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ISSN - 09205632, Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 2006, vol. 162, p. 41-45

The project of the nucleon form factor measurements at VEPP-2000

Botov A. A., Bukin A. D., Bukin D. A., Golubev V. B., Druzhinin V. P., Serednyakov S. I., Skovpen K. Yu

We propose to measure the nucleon timelike form factors in the near threshold region in reactions e+ e- → p over(p, -) and e+ e- → n over(n, -). The experiment will be carried out at the VEPP-2000 e+ e- collider with the maximum center of mass energy 2000 MeV. Two detectors SND and CMD-3 are intended for these measurements. Nucleon timelike form factors are considered and estimations of the expected accuracy are given. © 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.