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Electron cooling of RHIC

Ben-Zvi I., Litvinenko V., Barton D., Beavis D., Blaskiewicz M., Brennan J., Burrill A., Calaga R., Cameron P., Chang X., Connolly R., Eidelman Y., Fedotov A., Fischer W., Gassner D., Hahn H., Harrison M., Hershcovitch A., Hseuh H. C., Jain A., Johnson P., Kayran D., Kewisch J., Lambiase R., Mackay W., Mahler G., Malitsky N., McIntyre G., Meng W., Mirabella K., Montag C., Nehring T., Nicoletti A., Oerter B., Parzen G., Pate D., Rank J., Roser T., Russo T., Scaduto J., Smith K., Rao T., Trbojevic D., Wang G., Wei J., Williams N., Wu K. C., Yakimenko V., Zaltsman A., Zhao Y., Bluem H., Burger A., Cole M., Favale A., Holmes D., Rathke J., Schultheiss T., Todd A., Koop I., Parkhomchuk V., Shatunov Y., Skrinsky A., Sekutowicz J., Burov A., Nagaitsev S., Meshkov I., Sidorin A., Smirnov A., Troubnikov G., Abell D., Bruhwiler D., Delayen J., Derbenev Y., Funk W., Kneisel P., Merminga L., Phillips L., Preble J.

We report progress on the R&D program for electroncooling of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). This electron cooler is designed to cool 100 GeV/nucleon at storage energy using 54 MeV electrons. The electron source will be a superconducting RF photocathode gun. The accelerator will be a superconducting energy recovery linac. The frequency of the accelerator is set at 703.75 MHz. The maximum electron bunch frequency is 9.38 MHz, with bunch charge of 20 nC. The R&D program has the following components: The photoinjector and its photocathode, the superconducting linac cavity, start-to-end beam dynamics with magnetized electrons, electron cooling calculations including benchmarking experiments and development of a large superconducting solenoid. The photoinjector and linac cavity are being incorporated into an energy recovery linac aimed at demonstrating ampere class current at about 20 MeV. © 2005 IEEE.