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ISSN - 05562813, EISSN - 1089490X, Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 2002, vol. 65, p. 446081-446086

Measurement of the pd→ 3He η cross section between 930 and 1100 MeV

Bilger R., Brodowski W., Calén H., Clement H., Ekström C., Fäldt G., Fransson K., Gustafsson L., Höistad B., Johansson A., Johansson T., Kilian K., Kullander S., Kupsc A., Kurz G., Marciniewski P., Morosov B., Mörtsell A., Oelert W., Renken V., Ruber R. J M Y, Shwartz B., Stepaniak J., Sukhanov A., Thörngren-Engblom P., Turowiecki A., Wagner G. J., Wilhelmi Z., Wilkin C., Zabierowski J., Złomańczuk J.

The differential cross section for the pd→ 3He η reaction has been measured at four beam energies 930, 965, 1037, and 1100 MeV. The total cross section is nearly constant throughout the whole energy region, despite the c.m. angular distribution becoming more anisotropic with increasing energy. The data join smoothly onto the results of near-threshold measurements, which are dominated by the S-wave η 3He final state interaction. At all the energies the differential cross section is maximal for cos θη ≈ 10.5 and this may provide a clue to the reaction mechanism and, in particular, to two-step contributions.