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Plans for polarized beams at VEPP-2000 and U-70

Koop I. A., Otboyev A. V., Shatunov P. Yu, Shatunov Yu M.

Main lattice feature of the new electron-positron collider VEPP-2000 is a solenoidal focusing in two experimental straight sections. Each pair of the 13 T solenoids has an integral magnetic field equivalent to full Siberian snake. Together with high guiding magnetic field (up to 2.4 T), this scheme offers unusual possibilities for the beam radiative polarization. Different sets of solenoid's polarities can provide fast transverse or longitudinal self-polarization quite interesting for future experiments at VEPP-2000. Many interesting studies of polarization phenomena have been done at the synchrotron U-70, during 40 years of its operation. A possibility to accelerate polarized protons at the synchrotron U-70 is considered. To suppress depolarizing effects of spin resonances in the whole energy range of 2.5 - 70 GeV, a scheme with three helical partial Siberian snakes is proposed. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.