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ISSN - 00204412, EISSN - 16083180, Instruments and Experimental Techniques, 2007, vol. 50, p. 778-794

A data acquisition system of the SND detector for experiments on the BCyrillic capital letter EΠΠ-2000

Aulchenko V. M., Bogdanchikov A. G., Botov A. A., Bukin D. A., Bukin M. A., Dimova T. V., Druzhinin V. P., Korol' A. A., Koshuba S. V., Tekut'Ev A. I., Usov Yu V., Chekushkin E. A.

A new data acquisition system for the SND detector is presented. The digitizing electronics, the detector triggering and monitoring subsystems, and the organization of the data transmission to the computer are described. The architecture of the software part of the data acquisition system, the operator's interface, and the processes of event acquisition, processing, and monitoring are presented. The results of system testing on cosmic events and a random-triggering generator are described. © 2007 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.