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ISSN - 10980121, Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2008, vol. 78, p. -

Effective action, magnetic excitations, and quantum fluctuations in lightly doped single-layer cuprates

Milstein Alexander I., Sushkov Oleg P.

We consider the extended two-dimensional t- t′ - t″ -J model at zero temperature. Parameters of the model corresponds to doping by holes. Using the low doping effective action, we demonstrate that the system can: (1) preserve the long-range collinear antiferromagnetic order, (2) lead to a spin spiral state (static or dynamic), and (3) lead to the phase-separation instability. We show that at parameters of the effective action corresponding to the single-layer cuprate La2-x Srx CuO4, the spin spiral ground state is realized. We derive properties of magnetic excitations and calculate quantum fluctuations. Quantum fluctuations destroy the static spin spiral at the critical doping xc ≈0.11. This is the point of the quantum phase transition to the spin-liquid state (dynamic spin spiral). The state is still double degenerate with respect to the direction of the dynamic spiral, so this is a "directional nematic." The superconducting pairing exists throughout the phase diagram and is not sensitive to the quantum phase transition. We also compare the calculated neutron-scattering spectra with experimental data. © 2008 The American Physical Society.