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Super-B factory using low emittance storage rings and large crossing angle

Cai Y., Ecklund S., Fisher A., Heifets S., Novokhatski A., Pivi M., Seeman J., Seryi A., Sullivan M., Wienands U., Biagini M., Guiducci S., Raimondi P., Koop I., Shatilov D., Zobov M.

Parameters are being studied for a high luminosity e+e-collider operating at the Upsilon 4S that would deliver a luminosity of over 1036/ cm2/s. This collider, called a Super-B Factory, would use a novel combination of linear collider and storage ring techniques. In this scheme an electron beam and a positron beam are stored in low-emittance damping rings similar to those designed for a Linear Collider (LC). A LC style interaction region is included in the ring to produce sub-millimeter vertical beta functions at the collision point. A large crossing angle (+/- 17 mrad) is used at the collision point to allow beam separation and reduce the hourglass effects. Beam currents of about 2.3 A x 1.3 A at 4 x 7 GeV in 1733 bunches can produce a luminosity of 1036/cm2/s. Such a collider would produce an integrated luminosity of about 10,000 fb-1 (10 ab-1) in a running year (10s 7 sec) at the Y(4S) resonance. ©2007 IEEE.