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ISSN - 09205632, Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 2008, vol. 181-182, p. 371-375

VEPP collider facilities in Novosibirsk: status and plan

Koop I. A.

In this report the overview of activity at existing and future electron-positron high energy colliders at BINP is presented. The operating machine is the VEPP-4M storage ring being run at the moment at its low energy (Tau and Charmonia region). The new collider VEPP-2000, based on round beams approach, for energy range from pion threshold up to 2 GeV was constructed and now is in commissioning stage. First luminosity 1 ṡ 1031 c m-2 s-1 in 1 + 1 bunch mode at phi-meson energy was successfully achieved. At the moment, two detectors are in final preparation for data taking. The new e+ e- injector complex VEPP-5 with production rate 1010 positrons per second was constructed to guarantee ultimate parameters of VEPP-2000 and VEPP-4M, and open prospects for future high luminosity e+ e- collider(s). The VEPP-5 injector complex is in commissioning phase now. First electrons accelerated up to 300 MeV are stored in the damping ring. The active R&D and civil construction efforts are aimed to the Tau/Charm Factory with luminosity 1035 c m-2 s-1 and longitudinal polarization. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.