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ISSN - 00396028, Surface Science, 2009, vol. 603, p. 518-522

Clean reconstructed InAs(1 1 1) A and B surfaces using chemical treatments and annealing

Tereshchenko O. E., Paget D., Rowe A. C H, Berkovits V. L., Chiaradia P., Doyle B. P., Nannarone S.

Well-ordered clean InAs(1 1 1) A and B surfaces have been prepared using HCl-isopropanol solutions and characterized using low-energy electron diffraction and photoemission spectroscopy. The as-treated surfaces are covered by a layer containing arsenic and small amounts of InClx. Annealing induces desorption of the overlayer and reveals (2 × 2) and (1 × 1) structures on the A and B surfaces, respectively. For both surfaces, the surface components of the In 4d and As 3d reveal a charge transfer from the electropositive surface indium to the electronegative surface arsenic. The major advantage of this preparation method over conventional thermal cleaning is a significant reduction in the annealing temperature (≈250 °C) thereby avoiding anion evaporation. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.