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ISSN - 00213640, EISSN - 10906487, JETP Letters, 2009, vol. 89, p. 185-190

New Ga-enriched reconstructions on the GaAs(001) surface

Tereshchenko O. E., Toropetskii K. V., Eremeev S. V., Kul'Kova S. E.

To prepare structure-ordered GaAs(001) surfaces at low temperatures, GaAs(001) surfaces coated with native oxides were exposed in an atomic hydrogen flow in the temperature range 280-450 °C. The new Ga-enriched GaAs(001) surfaces with the (4 × 4) and (2 × 4)/c(2 × 8) reconstructions were prepared and studied by the methods of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, low-energy electron diffraction, and high-resolution characteristic electron energy loss spectroscopy. For the GaAs(001)-(2 × 4) surface, the structure of the Ga-stabilized surface has been proposed and ab initio computed within the (2 × 4) Ga-trimer unit cell model. © 2009 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.