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ISSN - 00319007, EISSN - 10797114, Physical Review Letters, 2004, vol. 92, p. 181801-1

Limits on the decay-rate difference of neutral B mesons and on CP, T, and CPT violation in B0B̄0 oscillations

Aubert B., Barate R., Boutigny D., Gaillard J. M., Hicheur A., Karyotakis Y., Lees J. P., Robbe P., Tisserand V., Zghiche A., Palano A., Pompili A., Chen J. C., Qi N. D., Rong G., Wang P., Zhu Y. S., Eigen G., Ofte I., Stugu B., Abrams G. S., Borgland A. W., Breon A. B., Brown D. N., Button-Shafer J., Cahn R. N., Charles E., Day C. T., Gill M. S., Gritsan A. V., Groysman Y., Jacobsen R. G., Kadel R. W., Kadyk J., Kerth L. T., Kolomensky Yu G., Kral J. F., Kukartsev G., LeClerc C., Levi M. E., Lynch G., Mir L. M., Oddone P. J., Orimoto T. J., Pripstein M., Roe N. A., Romosan A., Ronan M. T., Shelkov V. G., Telnov A. V., Wenzel W. A., Ford K., Harrison T. J., Hawkes C. M., Knowles D. J., Morgan S. E., Penny R. C., Watson A. T., Watson N. K., Deppermann T., Goetzen K., Held T., Koch H., Lewandowski B., Pelizaeus M., Peters K., Schmuecker H., Steinke M., Barlow N. R., Boyd J. T., Chevalier N., Cottingham W. N., Kelly M. P., Latham T. E., Mackay C., Wilson F. F., Abe K., Cuhadar-Donszelmann T., Hearty C., Mattison T. S., McKenna J. A., Thiessen D., Kyberd P., McKemey A. K., Blinov V. E., Bukin A. D., Golubev V. B., Ivanchenko V. N., Kravchenko E. A., Onuchin A. P., Serednyakov S. I., Skovpen Yu I., Solodov E. P., Yushkov A. N., Best D., Bruinsma M., Chao M., Kirkby D., Lankford A. J., Mandelkern M.

CP, T, and CPT violation in B0B̄0 oscillation and limits on the decay-rate difference of neutral B mesons were analyzed. Data and Monte Carlo samples were used to validate the analysis technique. It was found that the limit on CP and T violation in oscillations is independent of and consistent with the measurement based on an analysis of inclusive dilepton events. It was suggested that the fits to data subsamples selected by tagging category, running period, and Brec decay mode give consistent results.