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Stability of (0001) Bi 2Te 3 surface

Makarenko Sergey V., Atuchin Viktor V., Kokh Konstantin A., Golyashov Vladimir A., Kozhukhov Anton S., Prosvirin Igor P., Tereshchenko Oleg E.

The surface stability of single crystals Bi 2Se 3 and Bi 2Te 3 has been studied by XPS, AFM, STM and RHEED techniques. The Bi 2Se 3 and Bi 2Te 3 single crystals were grown by vertical Bridgman method. Crystal cleaving induced atomically flat surfaces over 1 cm 2 area. XPS revealed that cleaved Bi 2Se 3 and Bi 2Te 3 surface were stable to oxidation over two months. The surfaces are sufficiently inert to obtain STM atomic resolution even in two weeks after cleaved. © 2011 IEEE.