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Electrical properties of MIS-structures and Schottky barriers of Si/GaAs (001) interface

Aksenov Maxim S., Preobrazhensky Valery V., Putyato Mikhail A., Semyagin Boris R., Valisheva Natalya A., Tereshchenko Oleg E.

Parameters of Schottky barrier diodes (SBD), such as the ideality factor (n), series resistance (Rs) and the effective barrier height ( Bn), were obtained from I-V and C-V measurements of Al/Si/GaAs and Al/GaAs heterostructures at room temperature. For SBD with a Si interlayer grown by molecule beam epitaxy the following parameters were found: n 1.29, I-V 0.74eV and Rs 120 as compared to the sample without interlayer (1.7-7.5, 0.8eV and 500, respectively). The electronic properties of Si/GaAs(001) interface were determined from C-V and G-V measurements of Al/SiO2/GaAs (001) MIS structure. It is shown that formation of Si/GaAs(001) interface allows reducing the density of surface states to ∼(1-5)1011 cm2 eV1 for Au/SiO 2/GaAs (001) MIS structure. © 2011 IEEE.