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Formation of HfO2/GaAs(001) interface with Si interlayer

Golyashov Vladimir A., Aksenov Maxim S., Valisheva Natalya A., Prosvirin Igor P., Kalinkin Alexandr V., Preobrazhensky Valery V., Putyato Mikhail A., Semyagin Boris R., Tereshchenko Oleg E.

Composition and electrical characteristics of HfO2/Si/GaAs(001) interface formed by e-beam evaporation of Hf in NO2 ambient on MBE-grown Si/GaAs structure, were studied by XPS and C-V methods. The deposition of HfO2 on Si-passivated GaAs(001) surface leads to the formation of sharp HfO2/Si/GaAs interface without oxidation of Si interlayer. AFM studies of the HfO2/Si/GaAs(001) interface show that HfO2 deposition preserved the flatness of the surface, keeping the mean roughness on the terraces on a level of approximately 0.2-0.3 nm. © 2011 IEEE.