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ISSN - 15507998, Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 2011, vol. 84, p. -

Heavy quark spin structure in Zb resonances

Bondar A. E., Garmash A., Milstein A. I., Mizuk R., Voloshin M. B.

We discuss the heavy quark spin structure of the recently observed "twin" resonances Zb(10610) and Zb(10650), assuming that these are mostly of a "molecular" type, i.e. that their internal dynamics is dominated by the coupling to meson pairs B *B̄-BB̄* and B *B̄*. We find that the state of the bb̄ pair within the Zb(10610) and Zb(10650) resonances is a mixture of a spin-triplet and a spin-singlet of equal amplitude and with the phase orthogonal between the two resonances. Such a structure gives rise to specific relations between observable amplitudes that are in agreement with the data obtained recently by Belle. We also briefly discuss possible properties of the isotopically singlet counterparts of the newly found resonances, and also of their C (G) parity opposites that likely exist in the same mass range near the open B flavor threshold. © 2011 American Physical Society.