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ISSN - 10637850, EISSN - 10906533, Technical Physics Letters, 2011, vol. 38, p. 12-16

Forming interface in Pd/Fe/GaAs/InGaAs structure for optical detector of free-electron spin

Tereshchenko O. E., Paulish A. G., Neklyudova M. A., Shamirzaev T. S., Yaroshevich A. S., Prosvirin I. P., Zhaksylykova I. E., Dmitriev D. V., Toropov A. I., Varnakov S. N., Rautskii M. V., Volkov N. V., Ovchinnikov S. G., Latyshev A. V.

Conditions necessary for the formation of a Fe/GaAs interface have been established and the electrical, magnetic, and optical properties of Pd/Fe/GaAs heterostructures with InGaAs quantum wells have been studied. The possibility of obtaining an epitaxial layer of Fe on GaAs(001) surface at room temperature is demonstrated. The magnetization curve of Fe layer exhibits hysteresis with an easy axis in plane of the sample. Iron exhibits surface segregation by diffusion through a 4-nm-thick Pd layer. The properties of obtained Pd/Fe/GaAs/InGaAs structures show evidence for their possible use in optical detectors of free-electron spin. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.